DreamHeartsSA’s NAME PUZZLE is the ideal personalized gift for your newborn child, grandchild or best friend’s first baby!

The puzzle board made from 12mm birch plywood, non-toxic and kept in its natural wood look.


Our earth tone letters are made from non-toxic durable MDF which comes in 6 different colours:



The puzzles come in 5 different lengths:

S - 250 mm for a maximum of 5 letters  
M - 300 mm for a maximum of 7 letters  
L - 350 mm for a maximum of 9 letters  
XL - 400 mm for a maximum of 11 letters  

The idea is to give your child an interactive and unique tool in helping to spell his or her own name.  
Name Puzzles reinforce reading skills, hand-eye-coordination as well as memory, color and letter recognition.

Our personalized NAME PUZZLE is a useful, unique and first-time gift.

Kindly note that the product images (and accessories) are for illustrative purposes only. 

The NAME PUZZLE comes fully assembled.

Dimensions for the NAME PUZZLE XXL with up to 14 letters incl. spaces: ​350 mm (l) x 200 mm (w)


the following shapes are available:

counts for 1 letter:

heart, moon, star, penguin, mouse, lion, sun


counts for 2 letters:

whale, car, tractor


counts for 3 letters:


wooden name puzzle xx-large earth tones

  • Our products are locally made at a CNC workshop in Paarden Eiland/ Cape Town.

    The puzzle board is made from 12mm birch plywood, non-toxic and kept in its natural wood look.

    The letters are cut from high-quality, non-toxic, durable, colourful MDF.

    Dimensions: 350 mm (l) x 200 mm (w)

    A handmade storage pouch is included.