DreamHeartsSA’s THE REAL THING - DREAM BOX BIG has the size of a SHOEBOX and is the ideal personalized gift for your newborn child, grandchild or best friend’s first baby!
It’s locally made from birch plywood, non-toxic and kept in its natural wood look. The wooden letters are hand painted with non-toxic ProNature paint that give this beautiful PASTEL look.

The idea is to give your child a lasting memory on her or his journey through childhood by keeping the most precious items in one BIG collector’s box marked with her or his unique name chosen by you. Think BIG of what you'd love to keep for your child in this well-sized MEMORY BOX!

The REAL THING - DREAM BOX BIG is a useful, unique and first-time gift.

Kindly note that the product images (and accessories) are for illustrative purposes only. 

The REAL THING - DREAM BOX BIG comes fully assembled with the letters bundled together inside the box.
Dimensions for the REAL THING - DREAM BOX BIG with up to 14 letters incl spaces when assembled: ​350 mm (l) x 250 mm (w) x 130 mm (h)

Please send the NAME and GENDER of the child with your order.


the following shapes are available:

counts for 1 letter:

heart, moon, star, penguin, mouse, lion, sun


counts for 2 letters:

whale, car, tractor


counts for 3 letters:


dream box big pastel

  • Our products are locally made at a CNC workshop in Paarden Eiland/ Cape Town.

    The wooden box is made from 12mm birch plywood, non-toxic and kept in its natural wood look.

    The birch plywood letters are hand painted in Pastel colours with non-toxic natural paint from ProNature.

    size: 350 mm (l) x 250 mm (w) x 130 mm (h)