Invest in your family’s Christmas tradition with this beautiful, fillable calendar tree. This wooden Christmas tree is far more sustainable than a real or fake Christmas tree. Live Christmas trees that do not have roots usually end up in landfill producing a carbon footprint of around 16kg of CO2.


Artificial Christmas trees are made of non-renewable plastics and petroleum-based products. At the end of their lifespan they’re also thrown into landfills.


Imagine a sustainable item in your family for generations to come. This wooden Christmas tree is just that! It can be used year after year and handed over from generation to generation. This is a must-have festive decoration for each eco-friendly home and is a wonderful sentimental item for every festive season.


The 600 mm tall wooden Christmas tree is made from untreated birch plywood. The 24 cookie shapes are made from our non-toxic, high-quality, durable and water resistant MDF. The 24 holes have a depth of 35mm and leave space for sweets, cookies, toys or trinkets. Your children will love opening up the cookie shapes, taking out their treats and counting down the days.



You can further personalise your tree by replacing the words “Merry Christmas” with your family name or the name of a loved one. After you have added your wooden Christmas tree in your shopping cart you will find a box where you can make an order note. Let us know and DreamHeartSA’s designer and manufacturer will fulfill your wishes.

Comes in a beautiful storage box, engraved with ‘Christmas Tree Calendar.’

fillable wooden christmas calendar tree earth tones

  • 600 mm tall tree is made from 2 x 18 mm birch plywood, 2 x 6 mm birch plywood.

    The Christmas cookie doors are made from high-quality, non-toxic, durable & water resistant MDF.